Enjoy a fast system transforming your challenges into your formula for success… and just relax.


Our digital sensory driven system guides your innovation towards shorter time to market and higher success rates

senseEngineers provides you with a system that is methodologically sound, reliable, and proven. Our Management Framework is designed to become your future guiding system as it alignes all parties involved always making sure, that your future product is perfectly aligned with the expectations of your target group.

Total Product – Single Features – One solution whatever‘s your scope

senseEngineers is enbabling your future customers and consumers to communicate with the experts at same technical level

A reliable system designing a perfect product.
Specified by your customer. Across all characteristics.
At engineer level.

Blue Print – Giving Guidance
to all parties involved

The Blue Print is providing the psycho-sensory explanatory guidance for the success of your entire future product formulation and of your single product feature level (e.g. scent, taste, surfaces, haptics, communication).

A systematic requirement matrix is exactly defining all fundamental requirements (must have) as well as the drivers of delight and reassurance – across all product characteristics and at specific product feature level, as well.

The Blue Print facilitates alignment across all parties involved and is the commonly agreed reference system. Especially aligned to the needs of the product management. Precise, concisely, to the point.

Ideal Profile –
Giving your future success product a visual ‘shape’

Ideal Profile visualizes the specifications of your customer’s requirements for the product as such and for individual product features. Consumer demands and expectations on your product feature exactly set-up into a concrete product formula.

Your future formula – ascertainable at a glance by systematic visualization of all formula elements on the predefined requirement matrix.

Your future succeeding product – already visible. Your visualized guidance for all internal development experts or external suppliers – self-explaining, convincing and strong in communicating

Product Feature Specification – Transforming requirements into precise technical language

Product Feature Specification specifies precisely the success requirements at each product feature level.

All future characteristics – ascertainable in form of a very detailed and precise product formula description, explaining in detail all visualized product feature requirements from the Ideal Profile.

Consumer demands and expectations – translated into precise expert / technical language and terminology.
Your future succeeding product – already precisely explained and defined. Your written guidance for all internal development experts or external suppliers -, self-explaining, precisely, binding.

Management Summary – Giving precise instruction for your strategic product decision

The Management Summary delivers the overall summary of the concrete expert specifications (briefings) across all product characteristics.

All future characteristics – ascertainable at a glance in form of a precise product feature highlight list.

Consumer demands and expectations translated into a management / decision shortlist.
Derived from the Blue Print, Ideal Profile and all Expert Briefings it is summarizing exactly all requirements for your future success product – translated into precise management terminology. Complexity reduced to the max.

Jens Raabe, Co-Founder

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senseEngineers, Im Mediapark 5, 50670 Köln, jens.raabe [at] senseengineers.de

SENSEENGINEERS is enabling your target customers to translate your innovative ideas into precise product specification. Empowering them to disclose their sensory expectations at an unprecedented level of detail we translate those into very precise specifications. Our ambition: your future product is starting from pole position.

Your Customers will love it.