At SenseEngineers

we are fully dedicated to the customer centric development of your future product solutions. We provide a digital system that uses a sensoPictorial product feature catalog enabling your customers to precisely define and describe their sensory expectations. Our sensoPictorical approach is unveiling your customer’s expectations across all senses and is translating these into highly precise product specifications.

SenseEngineering: Precise. Fast. Easy to apply.

As a result we provide you with exact blueprints for your future formulation ready to use by product developers, engineers or designers. Senseengineered means aligning your product concepts with customer’s needs and harmonizing product characteristics across all relevant senses.

senseEngineered: It’s digital, it’s customer centric, and truly disruptive.


disclosing the associative network of your customers, we are explaining exactly the reason why – at product specifiation level. And this turns the former lengthy task of iterative classifying and specifying into an easy step to take. The clearly structured process of selection, evaluation and description of future product characteristics provides highly accurate information about the desired and preferred product features.

Digital. Sound. Scaleable. A system guiding you to succeed systematically.

Jens Raabe, Co-Founder

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senseEngineers, Im Mediapark 5, 50670 Köln, jens.raabe [at]

SENSEENGINEERS is enabling your target customers to translate your innovative ideas into precise product specification. Empowering them to disclose their sensory expectations at an unprecedented level of detail we translate those into very precise specifications. Our ambition: your future product is starting from pole position.

Your Customers will love it.